What Is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is cold-brew coffee (grounds steeped and pressed at cool temperatures for extended periods) that is charged with nitrogen to produce a creamy rich body and head, much like a Guiness draught at the local pub!  The nitrogen infusion extracts the boldest qualities of the bean, a natural sweetness and a dense, non-bitter body that dramatically reduces the acid that is usually part of the cold-brew process. We roast, brew and nitrogenate every batch in house by hand. We only roast organic coffee in our NorCal Nitro.

Where Can I Get Norcal Nitro?

Available by draft and in nitro cans throughout the Northern California market!


Click here to view a full listing of where to find NorCal Nitro cans and keg systems!

Should I Keep It Cold?

Yes, please!  Because it is born to a cold-brewing process, our NorCal Nitro only knows cold!  Keep your can, or keg nice and chilly!  This will give you the freshest and most bold NorCal Nitro flavor!


The perfect temperature for NorCal Nitro is between 36-42

degrees. When it’s time to drinxk, give it a strong shake, tap the top and let it flow!

Any Way I Can Get Some Nitro Swag?

Working on it!  Soon enough NorCal Nitro will be selling cool merchandise online!  Hoodies, shirts and pullovers, hats, etc.!  One guarantee will be—quality items at good prices!  Stay tuned!


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